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Studies in Sacred Texts

Honouring Purpose – Reaching Destination

In Judaism, the studying of Sacred texts are often thought of as a destination and purpose unto itself. This not only as a practical observance but as a religious duty. The Maimonides declared that all should study day and night.
Sacred Jewish texts are at the centre of Jewish identity – and are especially important for young people who are in a process of self-definition.
Learn Hebrew Together not only provides many courses in Sacred texts but also highlights these texts and their pillars of Jewish identity  in theologically focused discussions that allow its worldwide body of students to take art in – to explore, critically engage with, to further understand and construct values and thought.
The holistic nature of Jewish education of course embraces many pillars of belief and practice. We provide the opportunity for students to receive different approaches to the core pillars of Judaism and for engaging in conversations with others in critical openness.
We believe in promoting dialogues about Jewish texts, tradition, history, family, values, and thought.

All Students have the opportunity for joining conversations relating to Sacred Texts

Even if you as a student are not taking a course dealing with Jewish sacred texts, you will still be able to engage in forums  with others on topics related to sacred Jewish texts and related to every modern issue being discussed.
 These  forums can be found in the Learning Portal and also in the Online Community.
Learn Hebrew Together is at the forefront of social learning and both respects and gives place for Judaism’s ongoing interpretive tradition.
We are of the belief that our social learning network creates amazing, unpredicted and exciting learning pathways toward meaningful Jewish understanding and living.

As the mountains surround Jerusalem, So the LORD surrounds His people From this time forth and forever.

– Psalm 125:2

Sacred Texts Courses

You can read more about our Sacred Texts courses here:

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