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Studies in Jewish History

5000 years of history

These courses in Jewish History carry students through 5000 years of in-depth study of Jewish civilization.
Courses explore how Jewish life evolved through chronological periods and geographical regions.
Courses range from Jews and Judaism in Antiquity, Medieval and Early Modern Jewry Jews in America, Jews in the Modern World, Israeli Society Today.
Students learn of varying Jewish value systems, forms of government, trading practices and more. Diaspora studies are of course highly prominent – ancient and modern.

Insights into Diaspora communities

Courses in ancient history typically cover the Babylonian captivity and the Assyrian deportation, how Jewish settlements established organised communities of Jews in Babylonia.
Students study how institutions were developed, including the beit knesset which has come to be known as the synagogue ( house of assembly)- where governance, study and worship were undertaken. In fact, this fundamental framework that was established over 2500 years ago has seen to persist and continue to be a model of governance/ gathering for diaspora Jewish organisationa ever since.
Students learn about ancient Diaspora communities such as that which flourished in Alexandria -perhaps the most culturally rich Jewish Diaspora in early Jewish history. They are taken through the establishment of communities in the Middle East, in the Mediterranean world and then follow the story of increased Jewish migration to both southern and northern Europe, Southern Africa, Australia, America etc, but also in far smaller numbers to East Asia,
Outbreaks of persecution, massacres and the Holocaust are central aspects of these courses.
Broadly based and from many different teaching institutions, the courses are true to a liberal arts tradition where critical thinking, reading, writing, and research—skills are promoted.
Some of our Jewish History courses provide certification for university accredited degree modules. These models can comprise different clusters of courses in Jewish Studies. Information about accreditation possibilities is provided on each course description.

In Jewish history there are no coincidences.

– Elie Wiesel

History Courses

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