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Jewish Culture and Thought

Exploration of some of the major influences in Jewish thought and identity

This is a very expansive domain of knowledge, encompassing interdisciplinary perspectives.  Literary, historical, philosophical, religious and social scientific domains are in focus.
Learn not only about the beliefs and practices of the Jewish Culture, but about patterns of Jewish socialization, varying Jewish value systems and attitudes, family structure, the social and economic structure of Jewry around the world, etc.

Obtain cultural perspectives on Judaism, Jewishness, and modernity and explore ancient and modern Jewish intellectual history and identity.

History’s formations of contexts for Jewish thinking

The shaping of Jewish identity has been greatly conditioned by the experience of exile, migration and settlement throughout history from the institutionalising of Diaspora Judaism in Babylonia.
Yet Jewish identity, its survival and continuity, has survived effects of marginalisation, secularisation, holocaust.
Crisis in this sense, has always been remedied by covenant – seen in the particular relationship the Jewish people have with the Torah, embodied in communities in forms of schools and synagogoues.
These courses lead us through the journey of Jewish consciousness, through categories of inescapable particularism,  of suffering animosity and prejudice, of persecution, of exile and return.
To study Jewish culture and thought is to take a trip through world history, world views, philosophy, Mishna, Talmud, Midrashic literature, Kabbalah, it is to question one’s identity, meaning and purpose and to see relation to history and providence.
Courses include: Jewish Ethics in Modern Society; Judaism, Jewishness, and Modern Times; Jewish Thought and Identity from the 19th Century Onwards.

“Today’s Jewry is both uncompromisingly divided and unprecedentedly united: divided by religious difference, but united by a powerful sense – reinforced by the Holocaust and the State of Israel – of a shared history, fate, and responsibility.”

– Rabbi Sacks

Jewish Culture and Thought Courses

Our Jewish Culture and Thought courses are divided into two categories:
Jewish Philosophy  and Jewish Cultural Heritage.
You can read more about these course categories here:
Courses are available from many teaching institutions and can furthermore,
be taken in succession from Beginner through Advanced levels, to achieve accreditation through individual teaching institutions.
Some of our courses offer the possibility of attending study workshops in Israel.
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