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Innovative Learning Environments

We constitute a global digital nexus for Jewish Studies

Welcome to our thriving social learning community – Learn Hebrew Together – a global nexus for Jewish Studies.
Perhaps a better way to describe Learn  Hebrew Together is to imagine it as a thriving social community of learners; A community that is interest driven; a community that inspires and invites  to engage in meaningful conversations.
To that end we are proud to bring you excellence in teaching from Jewish studies institutions and private teachers from across the globe.  Our courses span a spectrum of language learning, philosophical, social science and religious studies and range in duration from short 6 week courses to longer undergraduate and graduate studies.

Our courses

All of our courses are available to the wider public as well as to university and college students studying on campus.  In fact many of our courses have an exciting “double track” option, which means that worldwide learners are able to join and interact with learners from on-campus courses from universities and colleges.


Our courses and our community are living networks of learning and dialogue

Learn Hebrew Together brings to students and teachers, possibilities to engage in networks of learning and dialogue. We avail you of facilities that create connections and that promote higher order thinking and learning in smaller peer groups.
Contrastingly, we also invite you to explore our larger growing “Online Community” which is interest driven and where you can take part in select discussions belonging to other courses. Here you can also meet other teachers and students.


“Truth is an eternal conversation about things that matter, conducted with passion and discipline.
Truth is the process of inquiry and dialogue itself, that keeps testing old conclusions and coming up with new ones.

It is commitment to the conversation.”

– Parker Palmer

Communicative spaces for spontaneity of expression and in-depth reflection

We are of the belief that meaningful conversations and thus meaningful learning happens very often when it is sparked by randomness and spontaneity of connection and discussion. That said,  quality of education requires a certain amount of reflective time and asynchronous communication is incredibly well suited to affording reflective ponderings.
And so, we wish to provide our learners with the very best opportunities to cultivate reflective engagements with thought and reason in environments that are conducive to deeper reflection, but also environments that quicken such conversations, when brought into a dynamic, living community setting.


We invite you explore everything we have to offer – our peer groups, the many diverse discussions and further “communities of interest” in our Online Community.
We welcome you to join the conversation. It is yours to build.
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