Engaging a Legacy of Learning – Finding Home

We imagine a world where Jewish wisdom is a public good, where the wisdom of the ages is available to today’s learners.
To that end, we are cultivating a culture of inquiry —by engaging in the legacy of learning that is Jewish Learning
And because we believe learners are quite able to pursue their own paths of inquiry, without having the constraints of educational structures imposed upon them, we give learners ultimate freedom to discover interesting topics and interesting people.

We believe further, that independent self-directed learners, are able to discern truth, to deconstruct concepts , and to intentionally create meaningful and valuable interactions with others.

These beliefs are what drive JVerse- our online community for Jewish learning, which connects thousands of learners from all over the world in meaningful inquiry in Jewish learning.

It is our mission to cultivate learning ecologies among our students, where wisdom, learning and community flourish- where there are opportunities for connecting and expanding contacts and horizons.

We see hybrid environments for lifelong and career learning offerings, as convergence points for the creation of wider, self organizing value networks and ecologies of learners, institutions, communities. We recognise this represents a new way of thinking about education, a new way of embracing a social mission, that allows for future societal value to emerge and grow.

And we see these emerging, growing ecosystems of learners around Jewish learning as reflective of a wish to connect to one another, through deeper conversations, to Jewish Learning, to community, to coming home.

We are a network for coming home.

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