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A New Learning Journey!

An environment where ideas flow…

Learn Hebrew together goes beyond learning in closed classroom settings.
It offers frameworks for collaboration and discussion with learners from all around the world.
As a student of Learn Hebrew Together, you will soon discover the beauty of learning together!
Our courses are formed to promote collaborative learning and offer you the chance to work in small groups within each course. You get to know your fellow group members very well and you get to spend time exchanging and formulating ideas with your fellow group members and with the rest of your class.
Once you are enrolled as a student in a course, you are also enrolled into the larger online community. This brings with it wonderful benefits. Not only do you have lifelong membership to our online community, you also have the opportunity of taking part in conversations with instructors and students from
every course.
This is in fact our community of inquiry- a place where discussions from courses
are opened up to the larger community.
These opened discussions dedicated to issues discussed in our many courses are available through the Learning portal and also available in the dedicated Online Community section.
There is of course the opportunity to socially network within the Online Community. All members have the option of setting up their own forums too.
So a world of interests are expressed and available for you to join!
Because learning is a journey and because such an undertaking has to do with the attainment of knowledge, the practiced skill of meaning negotiation and indeed the management of cognition, we like to give all our students ample opportunity to converse and debate, to ponder and query in a rich marketplace of ideas – where ideas can free flow and where immersion in an environment of Jewish culture and thinking is possible, but moreso, highly enjoyable!
We are certain you will enjoy your learning journey with us!

“Reality construction is the product of meaning making shaped by
traditions and by a culture’s toolkit of ways of thought.”

– Jerome Bruner

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