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Modern Israeli Society

Confluences of stories and voices

Israel can be described as a nation of outposts, as a startup nation, a nation of tribes,
Of course it all those things and much more!
These courses provide learners with ample opportunity to study
the multitude of expressions and complexities present in Israeli society.
Students will after graduation from these courses, have an academically approved understanding of  Israeli society and culture.
There are in these courses, subjects dealing with economic systems, political movements, security issues, current issues in Israeli society, the historical and ideological, religious and political facets of modern Zionism, how Israel as a nation building project has grappled with many conflicts and issues arising from political tensions and how these have also come to shape Israeli culture, and of course how the Diaspora of Jews have been brought to and assimilated into Israeli society.

Exploring identities, differences, cultural dynamics

Closely bound up with these studies are glimpses into modern media and literature that reflect the question of identity in the modern world, the different qualities of life in urban centers, towns, and rural localities and the various stratifications by
socioeconomic class.
Students will become thoroughly acquainted with all aspects of the nature of contemporary Israeli society,  the varying groups of which Israeli society is comprised and its relationship with Diaspora communities.

“The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been a tragedy, a clash between one very powerful, very convincing, very painful claim over this land and another no less powerful, no less convincing claim. Now such a clash between right claims can be resolved in one of two manners. There’s the Shakespeare tradition of resolving a tragedy with the stage hewed with dead bodies and justice of sorts prevails. But there is also the Chekhov tradition. In the conclusion of the tragedy by Chekhov, everyone is disappointed, disillusioned, embittered, heartbroken, but alive. And my colleagues and I have been working, trying…not to find the sentimental happy ending, a brotherly love, a sudden honeymoon to the Israeli-Palestinian tragedy, but a Chekhovian ending, which means clenched teeth compromise.”

– Asmos Oz

So much diversity – so much potential

Between the lines, in the mosaic of cultural, religious, ethnic identities, one can as a student of Israeli society begin to see the tremendous potential for creating opportunities – for harnessing the enrichment of resources and perspectives.
Here is a sampling of prominent topics: Israel as a Jewish and democratic state; transformation of the kibbutz; relationships between ethinc identities;the hybridisation of cultural styles, religion, nationalism and mulitcuralism;
identities and dilemmas; exploration of marginalised groups and economic gaps between rich and poor; the revival of Hebrew and its impact as a unifying language, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, tensions between ultra-orthodox and secular Jews, religion and state;the integration of citizens from a variety of backgrounds (Jews of Middle Eastern, North African, Russian, and Ethiopian origin), Arab citizens,The Jewish character of the State, non -Jewish
citizens, Civic identitites versus religious, ethnic and national identities; multiculturalism and opportunities to be harnessed from cultural diversity.
Courses are available from many teaching institutions and can furthermore,
be taken in succession from Beginner through Advanced levels, to achieve accreditation through individual teaching institutions.
Some of our courses offer the possibility of attending study workshops in Israel.
Our Modern Israeli Society courses are divided into two categories:
Modern Literature and Voices of Israel.
You can read more about these course categories here:

Modern Israeli Society Courses

Our Modern Israeli Society courses are divided into two categories:
Modern Literature and Voices of Israel.
You can read more about these course categories here:
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