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Welcome to JVerse - the online learning community which brings Jewish education to global learners. We are more than a learning platform - We are a community for you to join, to engage with, to be enriched by!


Our designed learning environments are particularly suited to language learning, as we promote discussion in smaller groups within classes, availing our students of spaces to interact with one another, while learning to speak, read and write Hebrew.

Our Hebrew courses include courses in modern day Hebrew for second language learners and also courses in Biblical Hebrew. You will find there are many levels and modes of teaching to choose from!


Narratives from this diverse and colourful coalescing of cultures and articulations of Israeli identities are explored in these courses.

These courses pay special attention to the production of culture, in modern day Israel.  Israel’s indigenous culture has been influenced by different confluences of impressions brought by immigrants from all around the world.


Explore studies in rabbinic literature, dead sea scrolls, early Judaism and Christianity and much more!

Ancient sacred texts are explored including Rabbinic literature, Mishnaic literature, Biblical and Talmudic texts. Furthermore, the Jewish texture of the Gospels and early Judaism and Christianity are introduced in select courses.


Courses in this category explore the significance of the holocaust from many angles

This section of courses deserves a category unto itself. The terrible blot on mankind’s conscience of the holocaust is visited from many angles. Cultural, political, ideological influences that paved the way to the holocaust are visited and examined. Jewish and non-Jewish responses to the holocaust are explored.


Our many courses in this category span philosophical thought and cultural meanderings in a historical perspective. Through dialogue and reflection securely rooted in histories of culture and thought, students' perceptions are cultivated and sharpened in engagement spaces for shared dialogue - this then becoming a shared reflective response of our present living culture.


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Our learning environments facilitate dialogue, collaboration and higher order learning...


Explore a universe of learning opportunities. Connect to like minded people from all around the world. Discuss, engage, expand your horizons!

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Sara Coff

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This category contains courses related to the history of Jews in the Diaspora and in Israel. This includes of course, the very interesting interactions between Jews and other peoples throughout history.

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