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Our Raison D'être

To foster learning – to nurture community

Learn Hebrew Together offers one of the most unique course collections online

As a global community of scholars and students, we  are home to hundreds of students, both from campus education and as independent individual learners.
We are also home to the best academic institutions worldwide who have chosen us as their preferred course hosting provider.
Experience everything we have to offer, not just learning opportunities. We provide you with facilities to connect to other learners and academic staff,
to build bonds and to remain part of our online community even after you have completed your course or courses with us.
Thanks to an amazing intersection of high calibre Jewish Studies institutions from all over the world, as well as a growing  teacher cohort of young contemporary Jewish artists (who teach everything from digital music to experimental acting) and an engaged student community, we are able to foster a diverse community of interests and nurture an amazing  family of global learners and teachers.

Promoting a diversity of connections

An exciting part of our online learning network  is our “Online Community”. It is separate from the course area and provides spaces where you can meet and interact in the most interesting discussions with all of our learners and teachers.
In both our “Learning portal” and in our “Online Community” you are able to follow discussions from other courses, meeting both the students and the teachers on those courses in dialogical spaces, getting glimpses into discussions that relate to subjects such as Philosophy, Modern Israeli Society,  the Negotiation of Jewish Identity in Modern Day Europe etc.
Many of the discussions are of course currently topical.

Meeting, engaging and learning with others

Our designed dialogical spaces are meant for meaningful exchanges that flow freely and grow organically.
We believe  such informal spaces for dialogue, where students and teachers can meet and engage freely  with interesting content, not only enhance learning, but are conducive to creating dynamic and unpredictable discussions and permit the fostering of connections among students and teachers from diverse studies.
In effect, such collective streams of thought bring to you the opportunity to connect and bond with peers and to be aware and active in salient discussions in an increasingly global society.

Come join us

Come join us today and be part of our growing network of global learners.
Help us further develop our sense of community!
We look forward to welcoming you into our Learn Hebrew Together community.
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